English Spaking Course


A good speech can be defined by many aspects. Good vocabulary, tone, clear pronunciation, etc. are considered very important while giving a speech. However, body language is often ignored. It is as important as clear pronunciation and vocabulary. Body languages are non-verbal communication. It includes hand movements, gestures, and body postures. It says a lot about how a speaker looks and maintains posture on stage. Having good body language and posture can help the speaker connect with the audience and the audience can relate more and connect well. In addition, speakers generate emotions in the audience through non-verbal communication such as proper hand movements and body postures. Body language is a combination of hand movements, gestures, and postures. It tells a lot about the personality and confidence of a person.

4 Important points related to body language:

  • Facial expression
  • Stance
  • Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Facial expression: Good and appropriate facial expression enhances the quality of a speech largely. The audience feels connected and can relate to the speaker. It is also a perfect way for the speaker to grab the attention of the audience and make a connection with them.
  • Stance: The way a person, stands speaks a lot about them. Even before they start speaking their stance says a lot. It also shows us a lot about how confident and well-prepared they are.
  • Gestures: A good speaker makes full use of his hands while speaking. Having said that, hand movements are important while speaking. Speakers often take it lightly, but the way they use their hand movements tells a lot about them.
  • Eye Contact: A good and effective way of grabbing the attention of the audience is by making eye contact as much as possible. It also makes the audience feel seen and comfortable. Therefore, making proper eye contact while giving a speech is as important as any other point.
  • Ways to enhance public speaking through body postures:
  • Smile more 
  • Move towards the audience from time to time
  • Avoid slouching
  • Speak in a clear tone
  • Avoid unwanted pause
  • Smile more: According to a 2011 UC Berkeley study, ‘smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16000 pounds sterling in cash.’ What can be more amazing than having an audience who learns as well as have fun from a speech? Studies also show that smiling more in a public speech can make the audience more interested and helps in connecting well.                                
  • Move towards the audience from time to time: While giving a speech it is important to maintain a connection from the very beginning. Therefore, moving and changing the positions on stage from time to time can make that connection grow and maintain it throughout.
  • Avoid slouching:  Having a good posture is very important while giving a speech in front of an audience. Every move of the speaker is watched and observed by the audience. Standing straight on stage is very important. Slouching should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Speak in a clear tone: Speaking in a clear tone is very important. It also makes the audience understand more and relate well. In addition, Advanced English Speaking is important too. The usage of proper and correct vocabulary is very important. It says a lot about the speaker’s speaking skills.
  • Avoid unwanted pauses: A well-prepared speech should be delivered fluently and without. Taking too many unwanted pauses can be a little disturbing and hence breaks the flow of the speech. In addition, uttering words such as ‘um’, ‘uh’, ‘er’, ‘like’ etc should be avoided as much as possible.

Advantages of body movements in public speaking:

  1. Public speaking is important for the growth of a person. It helps a person to do well in their social as well as professional life.
  2. Public speaking, when done properly along with proper and appropriate expressions and body postures, can affect the audience in a good way.
  3. For better and more effective results, public speaking should always contain some body postures and movements.

Body movements and postures are important in public speaking. It makes the audience feel connected and is also a very good way of grabbing their attention. In addition, appropriate body movements and postures can enhance the quality of a speech.