English Speaking Course for Beginners

General/Day to Day Communication

The classes organized By Affluent English, at this level are aimed at building confidence, comfort, and competence in oral communication. Along with developing communication skills through our very easy and interactive English Speaking Course for Beginners, we are also committed to building cognitive and non-cognitive skills, making them independent and responsible individuals. beginner English lessons will be the mode of medium of conducting the classes.

Learning English doesn’t help you just to secure a good job within your country or abroad but it also helps you have a great influence on others in society. That is why we have come up with an especially designed curriculum for all those English aspirants who want to communicate in English without being nervous or hesitant. You will be able to express yourself confidently in your all day to day activities after you complete our online English speaking course for beginners.

The major drawback is that we don’t have an English-speaking environment. We are very confident to speak our native language with our family and friends. At the same time, if we come across a situation where we have to speak English to the native or non-native speakers of English, we won’t be able to do so. Why? This is why because we are not habitual to speaking English naturally. Therefore, Affluent English, helps you to create a real learning environment at this level by following the natural method of learning rather translation method.

At this level of learning English, one wants to communicate effectively in one’s day-to-day life. However, we are not aware of our areas of improvement, we need some guidance so that we can brush up on them accordingly. To fulfil this objective, our well-educated, proficient and well-experienced trainers come up with great and innovative ideas to make you a confident speaker. This includes making you familiar with daily use vocabulary, creating some real-life situations through role-plays and many more. The interesting part about our online English speaking course is that this platform also provides online English speaking classes for kids and housewives.

Let me tell you one thing, English is not a difficult language. You just need to keep a plan for yourself. If you join our English speaking course online, it will definitely help you to develop your communication skills. You will learn everyday something new and very informative in our Basic English Course for beginners.

This Course Will Build

Life Skills

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English Language Skills

You will be able to see the following visible changes in your communication skills once you complete this course

Course Content

The basic spoken English course will be customized as per the level, profession, requirements, and expectations of the learner.

Active vocabulary

Learn different English expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs. You will learn how to use these words in real-life situations.


Learn to use the right tone in formal and informal situations. You become aware of the appropriate rate of speech, pitch, voice modulation and articulation in spoken English live classes.

Grammar development

Learn the basics of English grammar for making your foundation strong to move forward. Learn to frame correct sentences in all the given situations.


Pronunciation is extremely important when it comes to English communication. Learn to pronounce the words correctly in a spontaneous manner to convey your thoughts effectively.

Basic Writing and Reading skills

You are introduced to general writing and reading skills. Writing skills include letter writing, article writing, email writing, etc. Reading skills include choosing the right set of books.

Efficient and confident speaking

Learn to speak efficiently with confidence with the help of our highly qualified and well-experienced trainers at our effective English Speaking Course for Beginners online.

Characteristics of General English Course


Personalized, individualized,
and customized course

Every human is unique, so are the needs and requirements. We make sure that you get the content delivered to you that suits your needs and expectations. The classes are customized considering all your areas of improvement in mind.

Best Online English Learning Classes

One on one
interactive sessions

We assign a personal trainer to you to make sure that you get the complete attention of the trainer. This is ensured that the trainer assigned to you is capable to train you effectively as per your level and profession.

30 minute

20 sessions
of 30 minute each

We provide you, interactive classes, for 5 days a week i.e Monday to Friday for 30 minutes. The objective behind keeping it for 30 minutes is to provide you qualitative sessions, unlike lengthy monotonous sessions. Our basic English Course for beginners are very interactive.


Regular and spontaneous

This is important to know your mistakes to brush up on your desired communication skills. For this, our excellent trainers help you to become aware of your mistakes. This is done by providing regular feedback to you spontaneously during the online English conversation classes.

Study Material

Easy access
to study material

To make you well equipped with all the necessary learning resources, we provide you the study material online. The study material provided will be according to the level and proffession of the learner. We provide Easy and Fast beginner English lessons to learn.


Assessment of
your speaking skills

We assess your English speaking skills through a small test to check your strengths and areas of improvement to provide you the best trainer before your enrolment. After your proper assessment, the course is personalized for you based on your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classes for 5 days in a week

We provide classes from 7 AM to 11 PM. You can choose your convenient time slot in between.

Free demo sessions are not provided.

We have well experienced, talented, and certified trainers who have already gained a lot of experience in training students for enhancing their communication skills.

You may change your trainer at any point of time.

It will be half an hour (30 minutes).

Yes, the charges will differ accordingly.

Yes, weekend classes are also provided.

It can be audio as well as video. The student is free to choose any of these.

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