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The “Advance Professional English Speaking Course“, no doubt, opens avenues for learning English, especially for those who are inquisitive to learn and enhance their corporate and business communication skills. This course will fulfil the requirements of those people who want to brush up on their proficiency in English to the extent of getting connected to all walks of people internationally. You will be able to learn all those required workplace skills which help you getting growth in your desired professions such as time management, interpersonal and written communication, presentation skills, and client dealing through our Advance English Course.

Who doesn’t want to speak English at an advanced level? Of course, everyone. So, when can you proudly say that I am a proficient speaker of English or I can speak English to native speakers as well like a pro. You are a speaker at this level when you possess all those required communication or language skills that employers, big MNCs’ and universities are looking for.

We, at this level, with the help of our Online Advanced English Classes, aim to strengthen all those skills through various especially designed courses. You have reached this level because you have been practicing all sorts of activities already but now you will be introduced to some new methods where you will need to focus on improving all four components more deeply. You are not learning English to meet your day-to-day requirements but now your goal is  to learn it for better career prospects and growth opportunities. We will focus more on business and corporate English.

Since you will have to deal with people professionally at various levels, our objective is not just to make you only confident but competent also. In the business environment, you have to deal with your customers and clients internationally. For this purpose, we help you here to enhance your business and professional vocabulary. Some major areas which will be focused upon are presentation skills, email etiquettes, convincing and negotiation skills, client dealing and management skills, business writing and many more.

Unlike general English, you don’t have to just communicate confidently and effectively but also creatively so that you can impress the people around you. Therefore our Advanced English Grammar Course has been customized in such a manner where we have included some commonly used idioms and phrases that are related to business. This course will be helpful for you if you communicate with your customers in English. We help you to overcome all challenges related to communication skills at this level. We provide the #1 Advanced Spoken English Course trusted by our 1000+ Learners.

This Advance English Course Will Build

English Language Skills

Advanced Course

Life Skills with Online Advanced English Classes

You will be able to see the following visible changes in your communication skills once you complete this Advanced English Speaking Course


Customized and personalised
course as per your profession

The advanced English speaking course is customized and personalized as per your profession and work profile. The needs and expectations are kept in mind by our professional trainers to impart the desirable content to you. Enhance your English communication skills to achieve higher growth opportunities in your career.


Develop principal
management skills

You play an important role for your company if you have the required management skills. No employer would ever want you to leave the organization if you have certain set of managerial qualities. You learn here various problem-solving skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and many more. Be an asset for your company, not a liability.


Be your
own manager/boss

You learn here the core elements of a business organization. We help you develop your management skills so that you may also start your own business and might become a leader and boss of yourself with a professional English speaking course online.


Personal and
professional trainer

A well-experienced, certified, and highly qualified trainer is assigned to you. The trainer connects with you through any online mode and tries to help you overcome all your language and communication barriers.


Choose the time slot
that suits you

Our online English speaking course provides you the choice of choosing your convenient time slot keeping in mind your work, studies, and other day-to-day activities. You may choose any time slot from 7 am to 11 pm.


Special classes
on weekends

Sometimes, you can't be available for your online English communication classes during weekdays. That’s why we are here to provide you classes on weekends also at your convenience.

Make every day count and start learning with us today to enhance your business communication skills. Welcome more avenues for better career prospects and growth opportunities by joining the best online English spoken course

Be a speaker with high self-esteem and confidence

Boost your confidence level by presenting yourself in front of your colleagues, managers, and subordinates with great self-esteem and enhance your chances of greater and better career opportunities. Start today with our Advance English Course.


Be efficient and accurate

Learn to speak efficiently and accurately with our online English communication classes. You become confident enough to use the right words at right time with correct sentence formation, pronunciation, voice modulation, and articulation. Join our Online Advanced English Classes today.


Workplace etiquettes and skills

Learn various workplace etiquette and skills. These include managerial skills, presentation skills, client dealing, email writing skills, etc. Join our advanced English speaking course online today to learn all the workplace skills. Lets develop your skills with our Advanced English Speaking Course


Be an effortless and natural speaker

You are an effortless and natural speaker when you express yourself smoothly and easily. This can be achieved when your knowledge about basic English i.e grammar, intonation, sense of proportion is appropriate. We help you to become the best at all the basic components of English communication. Choose our Advanced English Grammar Course today.

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Profession oriented specialized classes

There is a fine line between general English and advanced English. The core elements needed for both these are similar ie. Basic English reading, writing, and speaking skills. The difference lies in the vocabulary and topics of conversations. We ensure that you learn the same that you can easily explore in your business environment. lets start with our very famous Advanced Spoken English Course today.

Some additional features of this course

Learn business English communication skills for dealing with different clients, colleagues, and managers in formal and informal situations by using appropriate tone and body language.

Learn to exchange your views efficiently, confidently, and more interactively during business meetings, telephone call conversations, and group discussions.

Learn to speak about various topics so that you can take part in all the conversations happening at your workplace. You must not take a step back just because of low confidence and lack of vocabulary.

Learn to present yourself in any given professional situation with full comfort and ease. You will acquire these skills by practicing with our professional trainers in real business situations.
Learn all the basic components of English communication ie. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking in more detail with the application for better implementation in the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classes for 5 days in a week

We provide classes from 7 AM to 11 PM. You can choose your convenient time slot in between.

Free demo sessions are not provided.

We have well experienced, talented, and certified trainers who have already gained a lot of experience in training students for enhancing their communication skills.

You may change your trainer at any point of time.

It will be half an hour (30 minutes).

Yes, the charges will differ accordingly.

Yes, weekend classes are also provided.

It can be audio as well as video. The student is free to choose any of these.

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