English Intermediate Course

Lower Intermediate + Upper Intermediate

Well, you can understand and comprehend  English, you are aware of the vocabulary but hesitate to present then these English Intermediate Course are for you.

Under this level of learning, the concentration will be more on boosting up your confidence level. You will learn about important intermediate verbs and tenses at our online English conversation classes. It will also include more complex grammar topics so that learners can present themselves in any given situation confidently and efficiently. You will be introduced to other components of English i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing in more detail.

Affluent English helps you to take a step further so that you can become a better and confident speaker in both formal and informal situations. You are quite familiar with general and basic English now, you will be introduced with more deep knowledge of intermediate English grammar. The main purpose is to build self-esteem in our learners so that they don’t feel nervous or become hesitant to express themselves in any given situation.

One needs to understand the actual meaning of intermediate that can be further divided into lower intermediate and upper-intermediate. One can call oneself being at a lower intermediate level when you interact with others easily but struggles with grammar and vocabulary whereas you are at an upper-intermediate level where you can speak English with a few errors without taking long and irrelevant pauses. We, first, analyze the level of your communication through various tests and then provide you the training as per your level at our professional English speaking course online.

As you have a better understanding of communication than beginners at this level but you are lacking the desirable skills to express yourself more confidently and fluently, you need to put in more effort and you need the right approach and direction to move forward. The course has been designed in such a manner that you can explore yourself more in English speaking environment. Our goal is to make you a spontaneous speaker with the help of our #1 Online English Conversation Classes.

The trainer who will be appointed will keep the needs and expectations in mind while training the learners. At the intermediate level, the activities such as reading and writing become crucial here so that you can easily enter the advanced level of English. The learners need to be efficient and confident enough to understand reading and writing comprehension. Don’t miss chance to be a part of this very professional English speaking course online and enhance yourself and your learning ability also improve your conversation power with our most trending Online English Conversation Classes.

This English Intermediate Course Will Build

Key Skills of our English Intermediate Course

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English Language Skills

You will be able to see the following visible changes in your communication skills once you complete this online live English Intermediate Course

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classes for 5 days in a week

We provide classes from 7 AM to 11 PM. You can choose your convenient time slot in between.

Free demo sessions are not provided.

We have well experienced, talented, and certified trainers who have already gained a lot of experience in training students for enhancing their communication skills.

You may change your trainer at any point of time.

It will be half an hour (30 minutes).

Yes, the charges will differ accordingly.

Yes, weekend classes are also provided.

It can be audio as well as video. The student is free to choose any of these.

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