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If you are the one, who wants to learn English to enhance your communication skills then this platform is for you all. You can enroll yourself at your preferred time slots since you will be provided a personal trainer at your convenient time.

Affluent English is Provider of Best English Speaking Online Course in India and worldwide, that welcomes all those learners who aspire to become confident English speakers. Keeping in mind the requisites of the individual students, it serves its main objective to nurture the students by providing one on one sessions.

For this, the sessions are delivered by highly qualified and well-experienced English professionals. The sessions have been designed for 30 minutes. You can take the session as per your preference. The program has been designed in such a manner where everyone can enjoy the services regardless of his age and profession through spoken English live classes.

Best English Speaking Online Course in India and Worldwide

It is a platform dedicated to offering you valuable Best Online Spoken English Course in India. You can get started today with us. You can enroll yourself in any of the courses mentioned below as per your requisites. Choose anyone among Top online English Speaking Course in India and Worldwide.

Our Courses


Enhance your communication skills for day-to-day life. This is the best English speaking course online if you wish to improve your daily communication…


Shape up your personality with a better speaking skill and inspire others to be the one efficient speaker. We show you the path which leads towards excellence…


Learn Business English to make the world fall for you for your enchanting communication skills. You will learn all the workplace etiquettes which will help you to grow in your professional as well as personal life...

Job Interview & Personality Development Course

Your dream job is waiting for you. We ensure to make your dream come true. Fulfill your dream of getting yourself placed in your dream organization…

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What Our Students Say About Us

I am a law student. Therefore this is mandatory for me to have strong communication skills. I had a lot of sentence structure, pronunciation, intonation issues. The trainer, Mr. Panshul, who was assigned to me, used very effective techniques to help me overcome all of this. Thanks to him and the organization for taking me to another level of speaking.


I would like to thank Affluent English for making me a confident and efficient speaker. Today, I can speak English with anyone and anywhere just because of this institute. Please check this out if you are also looking for one of the best English Spoken courses.


I am working as a senior manager wherein I have to deal with so many clients on a daily basis with whom I have to communicate only in English. I was looking for a platform that can help me to overcome my public speaking skills and presentation skills. This one turned out to be a miracle for me and I could see the visible changes. Highly recommended!


I had really major MTI issues. I knew everything in grammar but wasn’t able to present myself effectively. Then my trainer, Ms. Priya, helped me with all the minor rectifications and pronunciation in a very effective manner. Today, I can call myself a confident speaker just because of this platform. Thanks to Affluent English!


I am grateful to Affluent English because, without this, I wouldn’t be able to overcome my fear of speaking English. The trainer assigned to me did a great job. I would recommend this to all those learners who are aspiring for learning English.


I am working as a Quality Analyst. I was struggling a lot with my sentence structure and pronunciation but I am glad that I can speak confidently now with proper sentence formation. All thanks to my trainer who helped me in this journey of becoming an efficient speaker.


Some More Highlights

You are provided one personal trainer to take one on one session as per your preferred time slot. The description given below suits each course whereas the content varies as per the level.

As we all know that every individual is different. Keeping diversity in mind, we offer you a course that is customized specially for you after your proper assessment.

We provide you the daily speaking English classes 5 days a week. The classes are designed in such a manner that you can choose the best suited time for yourself from (7 AM to 11 PM)

All those keen learners who want to improve their English speaking skills, however, are not able to make it due to time constraints, may join us on Saturday & Sunday as per their convenient time.

Yes, one on one session is provided to you by one of our well experienced & highly qualified trainer who evaluates you skills deeply and accordingly customizes the sessions as per your requirements and expectations. Let’s start your One2One Top online English Speaking Course in India and Worldwide with AffluentEnglish.com

Once you connect with us, making you a proficient speaker is our responsibility. To make you learn faster, we provide you the online study material so that you can work accordingly on your areas of improvement. This is done after knowing your areas of improvement.

Right feedback always helps a learner to move towards his betterment. Our trainers make sure that you are made aware of your areas of improvement. They identify them and help you overcome them easily. This will lead towards the path of making you an excellent speaker.  Start your Best English Speaking Online Course in India and World wide at AffluentEnglish.com

Classes are conducted through video call (Zoom, Skype, Google meet). If you wish to go for an audio call session, it can be done through a normal phone call. We are here to serve you the best. We conduct the sessions at your convenience.  So lets start with one of the best Online tutors and Best Online Spoken English Course in India at Affluent English.

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Personalized Course

Emphasis on effective communication

We believe in making you efficient enough so that you can present yourself appropriately with correct pronunciation, tone, pace, and pitch. You learn more about the sense of proportion along with voice modulation and articulation with the help of our Top online English Speaking Course in India.

Emphasis on fluency

Fluency is not about speaking continuously without pauses which most of people think today, rather fluency is about taking proper pauses which means “do you know how much pause is required at various punctuation marks?”, phrasing, appropriate stress, required rate of speech, and then how to integrate your conversation. We pay attention to make you an overall fluent speaker.


The classes are conducted keeping in mind the individual student’s needs, expectations, and areas of improvement. After the proper assessment of students, the level is identified, and accordingly, the course is customized. We are listed as the most trusted Top online English Speaking Course in India.

Build vocabulary

The key element which helps you to be a fluent speaker is your knowledge of different words. You will be introduced to some key phrases, idioms, and expressions. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Focus on formal and informal conversation skills

When you speak to your friends and family, you speak with slang, idiom, and relaxed pronunciation. Formal situations demand a different kind of language. The focus needs to be given to body language here. Therefore, we provide you various tactics and strategies wherein you learn how to begin and end conversation both formally and informally.

Become cultural competent with confidence

You learn, here, to do conversation with people from not only your culture but with those with different cultures, different backgrounds, and different values. We ensure that you speak fluently with confidence regardless of your culture. Now no need to find more “Best English Speaking Online Course in India”, we are the best option for you.

Learn to speak naturally

This is indeed true that you can’t learn to speak English the same way you learn History. The fact says that we learn faster when we learn things naturally. We make you practice and speak English without following any translation method. Our excellent trainers share many different tactics and strategies to make you learn naturally. Start Leaning with one of the Top online English Speaking Course in India and its teachers.

Do away with MTI issue

Mother tongue influence means the impact of the usage of our native language on the second language. This is true that vocabulary and grammar are essential elements to make you an eloquent speaker but the significance of pronunciation can’t be neglected. We can overcome MTI by using the right pronunciation. You just need to join our professional English speaking course online to overcome this. Let’s start your Best Online Spoken English Course in India with Affluentenglish.com