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Job Interview and Placement Training

This course will help you enhance your English speaking skills in all respects. You will be able to become proficient conversant with identifying and presenting powerful personal introductions after completing this Personality Development Online Course.

This will also help you to be well equipped with the desired skill and confidence to participate in group discussions wherein you will become efficient enough to raise and clarify doubts, put your opinion effectively, debate, and summarize. This is one of the best Courses for personality development.

The core importance of learning English at this level for any individual is to present himself efficiently and confidently at all his interviews. Communication skills play a significant role in modern life. The educational certificates and degrees become redundant if you have strong communication skills. You are hired by an employer because they find you the most desirable candidate. Consequently, if you want to secure your dream job, you have to develop excellent interview skills. We have come up with especially customized and designed course to make you well prepared for all your future endeavors.

If you complete this Job Interview English Course, we ensure that you will surely stand out to all employers. Under this course, we will make you aware of all procedural steps of the interview. We are here to provide you specific interview skills training. We will guide you for all the levels of the interview. You will learn how to sell yourself and how can you convince the interviewer that you are the best fit for the company.

At the same time, the interviewer wants to probe your personality deeply during the interview process. To make sure that you demonstrate the personality that the employer wants to see in you, we have also included specially designed Personality Development classes alongwith this Learn English for Interview Course.

If you are the one seeking to make your career bright, you are recommended to join our online English communication classes. Join us today and grab all those required and desirable skills which are important for you for your carrier objectives. Above all, you will be able to speak English fluently anywhere and everywhere with anyone and everyone regardless of the profession and person.

This Course Will Build


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English Course for Interview, Personality Development Online Course, courses for personality development, Job Interview English Course

Job Search Skills

You will be able to see the following visible changes in your communication skills once you complete this online English speaking course

Characteristics of the Course


Master common interview questions

Learn to answer all the questions most confidently and effectively. We make you learn here the different tactics of answering the very common question in the most versatile manner. You learn to be unique and become efficient to structure your conversation in the best possible way. If want to crack your Learn English Course for Interview.


Pre-interview, and post-interview preparation

Learn to prepare for your interview from basics. You learn pre-interview, interview, and post-interview skills in detail. Learn to answer the questions systematically to develop a fair interview process. We ensure that you follow the right approach to face the interview and leave the interview. Learn English for Interview with affluent English Today.


Telephonic and panel interview

Learn to face telephone and panel interviews eloquently with the help of our excellent and well-experienced trainers. Effective communication skills are needed to make you the best fit for the company. Telephonic interviews and panel interviews demand a different set of communication skills. You learn here about both in an appropriate manner. Also, learn the non-verbal communication and body language required in panel interviews.


Active listening skills

Active listening skills help the interviewee to maintain the right pace and tone. You need to voice yourself appropriately as per the situation and question that is only possible if you demonstrate active listening skills. You learn here to develop strong active listening skills. Let's start Courses for personality development with affluent English today.


Group discussion

An interview is a process that involves many different steps. This is the need of the hour to have effective group discussion skills. We make you learn the effective phrases that can be used in a group discussion session. You learn here, how to present your opinion, how to be an integral part of the discussion by demonstrating leadership skills, how can you disagree with somebody diplomatically by using the right gestures and body language, etc.


Presentation skills

Presentation skills are a must today in almost every profession. You learn to speak with full confidence and accuracy while giving presentations. We make you aware of different ways to start and end your presentations. All the necessary components of presentation skills are included here i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion of the presentation. Start your Personality Development Online Course with Affluent English today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide classes for 5 days in a week

We provide classes from 7 AM to 11 PM. You can choose your convenient time slot in between.

Free demo sessions are not provided.

We have well experienced, talented, and certified trainers who have already gained a lot of experience in training students for enhancing their communication skills.

You may change your trainer at any point of time.

It will be half an hour (30 minutes).

Yes, the charges will differ accordingly.

Yes, weekend classes are also provided.

It can be audio as well as video. The student is free to choose any of these.

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