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How to think in English

Are you the one who wants to be an impressive and confident speaker of English?

Have you been attending the Spoken English classes and still struggling?

Are you the one who knows English vocabulary but still not able to present yourself confidently?

If your answer is yes, then you are just one step away to become an eloquent speaker of English. 

This is not a hard nut to crack. Inspite of having good knowledge about grammar, vocabulary, if you are still not able to speak fluently. Furthermore, you have been part of full speaking English course as well. Then the solution lies in this below-mentioned strategy:


BUT HOW?????

You must have heard many people telling you that you should think in English but nobody tells you ‘How to think in English?’

Before we talk about the different ways to think in English, I would like to discuss why is it important to think in English?

Why is it important to think in English?

It’s really important to understand the fact that we learn the language faster when we think in English. This becomes very easy to speak out loudly if you think directly in English.

Two approaches are followed by English learners. The first one is the natural approach and the latter one is the translation approach.

The translation approach is one in which the person first thinks about the content in his native language and then translates the same in English. That is where the translation takes place in mind and the speaker takes more time to express himself. This becomes the barrier in the path of becoming fluent.

That’s where the real approach comes in i.e. natural approach. Under this approach, the person is required to think directly in English wherein it doesn’t take him extra time to express himself effectively. Without a doubt, it can be said that the latter approach is the most useful one. By following the natural approach, there will not be irrelevant gaps in your speech. Moreover, thinking in English make you sound more natural and confident speaker. This is what we provide you at our English communication course online.

How can you sound more natural?

Do you think about the sentences in your native language before you speak?

 This is one of the most important traits of an effective speaker that you should sound natural and this can be only achieved once you inculcate this habit of speaking and thinking in English directly. Therefore when you speak in English you should sound confident all the time regardless of the grammatical and pronunciation mistake. Thinking in English makes you a fluent and better speaker. If you join our spoken English live classes, you will learn more about this approach in detail.

Now we will discuss the different ways to think in English:

Individual Words

The fact which we can’t deny is that we don’t have a real English-speaking environment around us. For all the beginners what can be done is to include at least one English word in your conversation with others. No matter what you are speaking, make sure that there is at least one English word in your sentence. This is how you will be able to have a flow of English words in your brain. You can do this activity at least five times in a day.

Observe your surroundings

The key to becoming a fluent English speaker is to have a good vocabulary. Lack of appropriate vocabulary leads you to become inconfident and hesitant. You can observe your surroundings in English by recalling the names of the things you are not aware of. In the beginning, it sounds less realistic but if you keep on practicing this, very soon you will be able to think in English as any other native speaker. We will try to internalize English this way through our fluent English speaking course online with the help of innovative techniques.

Become your companion/Talk to yourself

Yes, you read it right. It’s not anything insane. This is the best possible way to create English only environment around you. Since you can’t have people speaking English around you all the time. Unfortunately, we are not surrounded by native speakers of English so that we can practice accordingly. Here, you have to become your companion. Start using the mirror technique. You may create some imaginary situations such as meeting your friends, colleagues, managers, and relatives. You may also pretend to do shopping, going to the bank and many other similar activities. This will help you to face real-life situations with more ease and you will be more efficient and confident.

Become the narrator of your life

Who is a narrator? The narrator is the one who describes what is happening in a story when you read a book. Similarly, you can also be the narrator of your life. This completely depends on you when you want to do this activity. Either you can do it at night or during the day whenever you feel like is the best time. This won’t only help you think in English but also will make you more familiar with the words commonly used in daily conversations.

English to English dictionary

What do we do when we come across a word that we don’t know. We try to find it out on google and of course, see the meaning of that particular word in our native language. Here, we go wrong. Yes, if you are also doing the same, kindly stop doing this. This does not help you to enhance your vocabulary. This is highly recommended that you must go for the English to English version so that there is more flow of English words in your brain.

Train your brain to think in English

Our brain plays a significant part in learning anything whether it is learning to play the guitar or a language. First of all, you need to train your brain in such a manner that it becomes habitual of speaking English. It is very important to accept the fact that you need to do away with all the negative thoughts which are creating hurdles for you. Tell your brain, it’s okay to make mistakes, in the beginning, it’s okay if other people are laughing at you, it’s okay if it takes you time to speak. At the end of the day, this is your persistent practice only which will make you a confident speaker.

Our online English conversation classes have been specially designed to make you the most effective and impressive speaker. So, let’s begin the journey of learning English with one of the best English speaking courses online.

Let’s not wait

Let’s take a step

Let’s begin learning

Let’s start thinking in English. Let’s impress everyone with our enchanting communication skills.