Importance of Pronunciation

Is Pronunciation important? Does it really affect our communication if we mispronounce any word? Let’s talk about the importance of pronunciation.

Pronunciation plays a major role when we talk about English speaking skills. As a fluent English speaker, one needs to ensure that he makes the right pronunciation if he wants to convey the message effectively and properly.

The correct pronunciation is extremely important especially when you are speaking English. The significant fact about pronunciation is that it is not something that you can learn but it’s a physical skill that you need to practice and master regularly.

Now, the question arises of how to master this. First of all, you need to identify your areas of improvement that means to find out the words which you are mispronouncing and following the right approach to learning the right pronunciation.

Although many language aspirants go for advanced English speaking course online to make sure that they get the right training to fix their all the pronunciation errors. You may join our professional English speaking  course if you wish to overcome all your pronunciation issues.

#08 quick tips to improve yourself

Listen to yourself (Record yourself)

Are you also the one who doesn’t like listening to your voice? If yes, then my dear friend, you are not alone, most people feel the same. The fact is that most people don’t like to listen to their voice which is quite funny. But this is the only way you can work on your pronunciation. To know, what words or letters you are mispronouncing, you first need to identify your errors, so that you can accordingly prepare and practice yourself. If you are not aware of the mistakes you are making, how will you be able to correct?

Try to record your voice on your smartphone and make notes of areas you need to brush up on. Another advantage of doing this activity is that it will make you feel confident as you will realize that you don’t speak that badly as you might think. So, go and start doing it from today itself.

Speak Slowly

What do you mean by being fluent? Speaking very fast without taking any pause is fluency! A big NO is an answer. Fluency doesn’t mean that you have to speak very fast. Speaking with the right pauses at right time is fluency. Why are we talking about this here? Let me tell you, when we try to speak very fast just to leave a strong impression on others, we forget that we are committing many errors based on pronunciation. If you want to speak effectively and impressively, you need to slow down your pace. This will not only help you to become a consistent and confident speaker but will also allow you the time to think about what you want to say next.

So, if you are a beginner and make pronunciation errors, this point is highly recommended for you all. Speak slowly and gradually master the art of pronunciation. You may also join our American English speaking course online and British English speaking course for better practice.

Pronunciation is physical exercise

Why do we go to the gym? We do because we want our body in shape. It’s a physical exercise only which helps you to become well-built. The same applies to pronunciation as well. You have to follow the same approach, nothing needs to be done differently. Pronunciation is also a physical skill. How? You need to move and use your mouth muscles differently to learn correct pronunciation. For example, having trouble with ‘th’ sound. For this put your tongue between your teeth and blow air out of your mouth. Feel the air give way the highest of your tongue. For this, you can join English speaking course online and practice the art of communication effectively with right guidance.

Self assess yourself/Mirror technique

How can you do it? 

Practice in front of the mirror to see the placement of your tongue, lips, and shape of your mouth when you make certain sounds. Believe me, this is one of the best techniques that you can follow and see the visible changes very soon. Self assessment makes you realize your areas of improvement. Once you know this, you should go for some online English communication classes that provide you the platform to improve yourself.

Listening to English audios

We can’t avoid the fact that we learn English not only by speaking but also by listening. Therefore, this is recommended for all English learners to listen to English programs and watch movies in English. Concentrate on every single word spoken by them. Imitate the same word you are struggling to understand at the same time when you are hearing.

Don’t become Shy: Practice in Isolation

Why do we face pronunciation problems? Because we are too conscious to present ourselves in front of others. First of all, we have to grow our confidence level and need to start speaking to ourselves. Sounds funny? But it’s not. When you practice speaking alone, you become more confident because no one is watching you. How can you do it? You are supposed to create some imaginary situations like meeting your colleagues, friends, doing shopping, etc. Let’s get started with our English communication course online and make learning fun.

How to pronounce long words?

Do you face problems in pronouncing long words? Here, you need to understand the syllables. What is a syllable? Breaking or diving the word into small parts is called syllable.

Each word is made up of syllable. When you break the word into parts (Syllables),it makes the speaker pronounce the word easily. How to know that how many syllables are there in a word? For this, you should place your hand flat under your chin. Then try to say the word slowly. When your chin touches your hand, that’s a syllable. Or you can also write the syllable word and draw a line or leave a space between each syllable.

Pay attention to intonation and emphasize stress

 We just don’t speak individual words with individual sounds. Good pronunciation is also about having good command and understanding of your tonality (rise and fall of the voice) and stress (putting emphasis and making different sounds for the powerful words of the sentence). How can you practice doing this? Here comes the role of listening wherein you should listen to various poems, lectures, speeches to have a better understanding of stress and intonation.

Have fun and enjoy reading.