Grammar Tools and Resources: Review and recommend online tools, apps, and resources that can help people improve their grammar skills

In the English language, one has to look upon the improvement in grammar skills as it is considered crucial for effective communication whether it is in writing or in speaking and in today’s digital age there is this plethora of online tools, apps and several other resources which are available to help the people in enhancing their grammar skills and these sources may surely vary in the terms of format, features and even in the pricing. Let’s explore a vast range of these resources by offering insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

Different Grammar Checking tools:

  1. Grammarly: The platform which is used by the website Grammarly is the web, browser extension, desktop apps and even mobile apps. It is considered free for the basic correction but one has to pay for the premium subscription to get access to more features as well. Grammarly is one of the current popular and effective grammar-checking tools as it usually provides real-time suggestions for spelling, punctuation and even program eros as on when you are typing. On the other hand, the premium version of Grammarly provided some advanced features that even included vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism detection in the text typed.
  1. ProWritingAid: The platform which is used by the website Prowritingaid is web, browser, extension and desktop apps as well. It is considered free for the basic plans but one has to pay for the premium subscription to get access to several more features. It offers a comprehensive way of writing analysis that includes grammar, style and even readability as it provides detailed reports on the areas for even minute improvement and gives suggestions to enhance your style of writing. The free version of the same is considered helpful and sufficient enough but the premium version gets to offer more in-depth insights.
  1. Ginger: The platform which is used by Ginger Software is web, browser extension and even mobile apps. It is considered free for the basic plans but one has to pay for the premium subscription to get access to several more interesting features. It offers a major focus on grammar and spelling correction by providing context-based suggestions as it even offers a sentence rephrase and a text reader for all the present language learners. Even though the basic plans provide sufficient help in finding and correcting errors, the premium version of the same includes additional features majorly as personal trainers.
  1. WhiteSmoke: The platform which is used by WhiteSmoke is web and desktop apps only. On the other hand, there is no basic plan for the same but just the premium subscription. WhiteSmoke usually offers grammar and punctuation correction, style suggestions and even plagiarism checkers in the plan itself. It is considered highly suitable for both native and non native English speakers however it has just one drawback it always comes with a premium price tag.
  1. Hemingway Editor: The platform used by Hemingway Editor is only for website and desktop apps. It is considered free for the basic plans but one has to surely pay for the premium plan it provides if any. Even the desktop apps are available for a one-time fee which is great indeed. Hemingway’s editor majorly focuses on improving the writing style and even readability. It even highlights complex sentences and suggests several alternatives. It is considered great for simplifying and clarifying your writing style.

These grammatical tools are even used and taught in several English online courses, Advanced English courses, Intermediate English classes and Business English courses to help out the students in a better way.

Various Grammar Learning Platforms:

  1. Grammarly Learn: It is a web-based platform and it provides a free basic plan to all the users. Grammarly Learning is considered the collection of free grammar lessons and quizzes which help all users to improve upon their writing skills as it covers various grammar topics and that too with the help of many interactive exercises.
  1. Coursera: It is a web-based and mobile app but it is a paid subscription with financial aid available. Coursera being one of the largest and trending platforms offers a wide range of grammar courses from different universities and several institutions. Some of the courses are self-paced while others follow a proper schedule and courses cover usually all the topics that too from basic to advanced grammar.
  1. edX: It is a web and mobile app-based platform which is initially paid and is provided with financial aid. edX is another perfect platform which offers many grammar courses from universities worldwide; courses are self-paced and they cover various grammar aspects from scratch.

Many aspirants or learners prefer to take English online courses, English intermediate courses and English conversational courses where they are being taught about these several grammar learning platforms for their help and learning.

Grammar Books and different guides:

  1. The element of style written by Strunk and White: It is a timeless classic and this book provides several fundamental rules of grammar, punctuation and even composition. It is considered a must-read for anyone who is looking to improve their writing skills.
  1. Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss: This book is considered an entertaining exploration of grammar and punctuation. It often makes learning grammar fun and accessible, and it is a great choice for all those who may find grammar intimidating.
  1. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty: Mignon Fogarty is well known as Grammar Girl and it offers straightforward and practical grammar advice through the medium of this book. It is considered a great resource for quick and easy grammar tips.

Online Grammar Communities:

  1. Reddit-r/grammar- It has a website and it is a community where you can ask several grammar-related questions, seek advice and even discuss grammar topics. It is a valuable resource for engaging in several grammar discussions.
  1. Grammarly Community: The Grammarly community is where one can ask several questions and discuss the writing and grammar styles openly. It is considered one of the great places to learn from others and share your expertise.

Writing communities:

  1. Medium: The website medium has web and mobile apps as its platform. The price for the same is free for the basic one and there is a premium subscription which is available for all avid learners and writers. It is a platform where users can usually write and publish articles. Writing regularly on medium can surely help you practice grammar and they even receive feedback from a community of several writers.
  1. Wattpad: The website Wattpad is a web and mobile app-based platform. It offers a free basic plan as well as a premium subscription to get several other benefits. It is a community of writers as well as readers. Writing and sharing stories is considered an excellent way to improve grammar and storytelling skills.

Language exchange Platforms:

  1. Tandem: It is a website-based platform and even a mobile app is available. It offers basic free access but there is a premium subscription available to get access to several other features. Tandem usually connects all the different language learners with native speakers for language exchange and conversing with native speakers can significantly enhance your whole grammar and speaking skills.
  1. HelloTalk: It is a website as well as a mobile app-based platform and it is free for the basic plan but there is even a premium subscription available to get access to all premium features as well. HelloTalk is another language exchange platform that usually connects learners with all native speakers. It even offers text, voice and video chat options for all the language practice.

In today’s digital age, there are various tools and resources which are available for all the people who are looking to enhance their grammar skills. Whether you’re a writer, student, language learner or anyone who is majorly interested in improving your communication abilities, then once can find the right tool or resource to meet the needs. From grammar-checking tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to language exchange platforms that include Tandem and HelloTalk, the options are much more diverse and accessible.

All the grammar books, online courses, writing communities, language forums, and specialized resources like plagiarism checkers cater to a much wider range of users. The key is to select resources which align perfectly with your learning style, goals and budget. Whether you prefer interactive exercise, expert guidance or even peer feedback, there is a grammatical resource that can surely help one achieve their linguistic aspirations.