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How to use English Grammer in Daily Life

How to use grammar in daily life

Everybody wants to become fluent in English. So we can’t avoid the fact that you have to construct proper sentences to convey your message effectively. For this, you must have sound knowledge of grammar since it will help you to frame your sentences appropriately. Most of the learners consider learning grammar to be difficult and boring but whatever it is, you can’t escape this if you wish to be a confident English speaker. If you learn grammar with the right approach, you will never feel it the same way. Grammar is nothing but a simple set of rules that you have to follow. You should join online English classes to learn English grammar online step by step.

Let’s talk about the role of grammar that it plays to help you become an efficient speaker.

Why is it important to learn grammar?

Knowing grammar is important because it helps us to frame the sentences appropriately. One should know that how he is going to build the sentences, what vocabulary he should use, what type of situation is this: formal or informal, which type of words would be the most suitable one? For example, I want to say that “she is my best friend” and I don’t know that ‘I’ should be followed with the helping verb ‘is’: I won’t be able to construct a proper sentence. This is a basic example that I have taken. You can imagine that we keep on talking about several complex things in our daily life. To frame these complex and long sentences, I should be well aware of the right sequence of the words that I should follow. I hope, by far, you must have understood the vital role played by grammar in speaking English.  One another point is that everyone thinks that they connect grammar with mistakes.  That is alright, but you need to know this you will be able to use correct grammar only once you have started using it in your daily life. Therefore,  learn English grammar online to help achieve your goal of learning perfect grammar.

So, let’s move on! How do we use grammar in daily life? Do you know? Here is the answer. Keep reading and start implementing.

Grammar is something that is present everywhere and in every Language. It means that you can see that we use grammar in almost every situation. We use it at school, at work, at home, and even on various trips. This is the soul of the English language.  Regardless of your profession, culture, and nationalism, you use it commonly everywhere. It helps you to widen your knowledge about vocabulary. To learn basic grammar, you should enroll yourself in an English grammar course for beginners in India to understand the concepts well.

I would like to move forward by telling you one very important aspect of learning grammar appropriately. Every language is comprised of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. To learn correct grammar, you should devote a good time to each of these components. As much as you read and listen, it will help you to be aware of the correct sentence structure. You need to ensure that you make some plans for yourself and do it on a priority and regular basis. Wherever you see something written in English, do concentrate upon the order of the words. This way you will be able to learn grammar rules. The fun fact is that even many great scholars might get confused sometimes about some grammar rules.  That’s why I think learning grammar in this manner will help you learn the basic concepts easily and fastly.  You may join an Advanced English grammar course in India if you think you struggle with complex sentence construction.

Let’s discuss a few tips more wherein you can make grammar part of your life.

1. Start reading your favorite genre of a book every day. Yes, the first important habit that you should get into is to start reading the books. It is going to help you to reinforce correct grammar in your mind. Try doing this for 10 minutes everyday and then keep on increasing the time frame gradually. Believe me, you are going to enjoy this. And, yes, you should read aloud. It will help you to have proper mouth muscle practice because your ultimate goal is to be a confident speaker. You may discuss your reading section with the language trainer in your online English classes.

2. Start writing:

After you have started reading, start writing as well about whatever you have read. I am not telling you to start writing big essays but just a few sentences every day and make yourself more confident about proper sentence structure. You can do this by narrating your day every day. Grammar helps you write better. You may also ask your trainer to examine your writing skills in your one-to-one English classes online.

3. Practice every day

You must have heard about the very famous saying, “practice makes one perfect”. This is highly recommended when you want to brush up on your communication skills. Set a schedule for yourself along with the various activities you are going to do for listening, reading, and speaking. There is no shortcut available. You will have to go through all of this to become an efficient speaker of English. Until you get into the habit of practicing daily, you won’t be able to continue learning grammar at the right pace. Advanced English grammar course in India will surely be required to keep yourself consistent.

4. Discuss your learning:

Try to incorporate every little learning in your day-to-day activities. You must look for opportunities wherein you can talk about basic concepts that you have learned to somebody so that your knowledge about this can be widened and you can become confident to use all your learning appropriately and more efficiently. As you are already learning English grammar online, you may also discuss your learning with your trainer to get to know your accuracy.

5. Start listening:

A good listener is a good speaker. Do you agree? Indeed, your answer will be positive. How does an infant learn to speak? By listening only, nobody teaches him about any grammatical things, they grab and learn this from their listening skills. The same thing applies to English learning as well.  You should listen to one small video every day so that you become more familiar with sentence structures. You can subscribe to different channels of your interests, various podcasts, and audiobooks for the same. Listen to your trainer with complete focus in your online English classes to explore yourself.

6. Listen to feedback:

This is the best possible way to brush up on your areas of improvement. When someone corrects you for your English mistakes, don’t feel shy or get offended: rather be thankful and make notes of those errors. In case you have any doubt, ask questions to clarify your doubts and practice accordingly.

I hope this article is going to help you to learn basic grammar more precisely.

Happy learning!