9 Ways to Make a Conversation

We often hear everyone saying how important it is to make a conversation. But, have you ever wondered why is it so important to make conversations and initiate some kind of connection with some other person? Well, having a good conversation can never go down the drain. When we initiate and make a conversation, we automatically open the door of opportunities for ourselves. We start to make connections with others. Also, conversations are the building blocks of new ideas. When we become part of a conversation, we start getting new and innovative ideas on a lot of things.

Now, when we say making conversations is important, we need to keep some things in mind. Jumping into a conversation directly without context can make a bad impression on the opposite person. So here are some ways to make the first conversation without the fear of being judged.

Start with a ‘Hi’

It is always the first word that takes the longest time. The first word always takes time and seems very difficult. However, a polite ‘hi’ with a smile can never go wrong. We can always start by saying a HI and then continuing with the conversation. When starting a conversation, we should keep in mind that the other person would also feel like continuing a conversation only when we are polite enough. Therefore, it is very important to be polite and start a conversation with good HI to make an impression on the other person.

Start with Something Common

Keeping and maintaining track of a conversation is sometimes difficult. Quite often, halfway through the conversation, people lose interest. It shows that the conversation is boring and does not keep the person’s interest. In such cases, the best thing to do is to ask about the person’s interest and try to find a topic that is common in between. A discussion about a common topic always keeps a person interested in the conversation. It also opens up a lot of questions to ask and talk about a common topic. It can be anything, like, a TV show, favorite food, a specific place, a common friend, a new movie that people have been talking about, etc.

Ask Open – Ended Questions

If you are making a conversation and want it to continue, then it is important to ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions need people to answer in a sentence. So some of the questions that we can ask are: have you watched the series that is trending, do you know of any advanced English speaking courses, have you tried the new noodles that have been newly launched, etc. This will need the other person to answer in a sentence or two, which will eventually lead to a conversation.

Give a Compliment

People love hearing compliments about themselves. When we give a compliment to a person, they immediately have a smile and a positive outlook towards the other person. So whenever we want to make a conversation, we can always start by giving a compliment. This will also make the other person interested and will start taking interest in the conversation.

Start Talking About a Viral Video

These days’ videos go viral very quickly on the internet. People seem to enjoy these videos as well. This is a very good conversation starter. Everyone has their own opinion. When we start such a topic, people automatically get drawn and feel like speaking. We can also share our opinions, likes, and dislikes about the video and many other things. This will then, automatically turn into a fully-fledged conversation.

Talk About a Course

These days, people have a keen interest in English speaking courses. This is a very good conversation starter. We can start the conversation by asking about their views on various Professional English Speaking Courses, or Business English courses and their benefits. We can share how beneficial are these since these are available online and we can get access to them at any time. We should try to start the conversation with something constructive. Sharing about various courses and activities happening around can grasp the attention of a stranger in the conversation.

Talk About Books

People often feel that it does not work, but in reality, it works the best. It might sound very difficult to anyone to straight-up talk about a book to a stranger. But, there are different ways we can approach the person. If we are traveling and the passenger beside us is reading a book, we can start a conversation, by saying that “may I have a look at the book you are reading? It appears to be interesting.” Giving straight-up feedback on the book would make you look like you are peeping into it. So whenever, we want to ask or say anything about a book that the other person is reading, it is always better to ask for their permission first. This makes the person look polite and gentle.


Ask People About Their Goals

The topic of conversations in different social settings changes. The kind of conversation we have with our friends will be different from the kind of conversation we have with our family. In the workspace, the kind of conversation is also very different. It should mostly revolve around professional and work-related things. We need to maintain a good tone while talking in professional settings. Using professional and advanced English in these types of settings gives leverage.

Benefits of Conversation

We have seen how important it is to do conversations and build connections with people. However, the question that keeps popping into our minds time and again is, what way will it help us or benefit us? Here are some of the benefits of doing a conversation.

It helps in building the network. When we talk to people we open a wide range of areas for ourselves as well as them. The kind of topics we discuss can also matter a lot. The more the topic of discussion is constructive, the more the outcome.

It boosts our confidence. All of us have some or the other kind of fear inside us. The most common fear that people usually have is initiating a conversation. It is difficult the first few times, but if we take that first hard step, it goes smoothly. When we make it into a habit gradually, we will see visible changes in ourselves. We will see how confident we have turned around social settings.

It gives you a new perspective. We often think that what we think or do is correct. Sometimes, it is not right but we go on believing it to be right as we don’t let it known to others. So when we do conversations, we happen to share our ideas and thoughts with other person which gives us a whole new and different perspective on the topic. This way we can make changes in our thought.

Conversation helps us gain knowledge. When we share our ideas with people, they also feel like sharing their own. This way exchange of knowledge takes place from both sides. This also helps us in improvising our ideas and doing them better every single time.

When we do conversations, we open a wide range of opportunities for ourselves. It always helps us in building ourselves better as a person. We should try to keep it constructive as much as possible. Therefore, we should try to do conversations as much as possible to grow ourselves.